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22nd China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC2021) was grandly held in Hall N1-N5, E7 and W5 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre from June 22 to 24,2021, and 12th China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW2021) and 22nd China International Agrochemical Equipment and Plant Protection Equipment Exhibition (CACE2021) were held at the same time. 

In the Post-pandemic Era, Larger Exhibition as the Higher Enthusiasm in Offline Communication 

The world today is marked by changes unseen in a century, and the outbreak of COVID-19 has exacerbated the evolution of the situation. These complicated changes have brought more importance in the safe agriculturalproduction, more prominence in the stable international supply chain of agrochemical products, and more necessary face-to-face communication among industries. After two years of preparation and accumulation, CAC2021, driven by dual platforms of online and offline, has presented a long-lost feast of exchange and trade cooperation for the global agrochemical industry, which aims to explore new ideas for the global development of agrochemical industry under the "dual circulation" development pattern between the domestic and international markets. 

The exhibition area of 85,000 square meters has witnessed the exhibition scale reaching a record high. A total of 1,507 enterprises from 18 countries participated in the exhibition, including Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA, and so on. A total of 722 pesticide enterprises exhibited their products, where nearly 80% of China's top 100 pesticide enterprises and leading enterprises were gathered for centralized display; 463 well-known fertilizer enterprises exhibited in the fertilizer area to show their strength after the outbreak, and many benchmarking enterprises of fertilizer industry displayed their products with full preparation and sincerity; 278 leading enterprises of agrochemical equipments and plant protection equipments demonstrated the concepts in world's cuttingedge technology, equipment in advanced production, efficient agrochemical product application and intelligent manufacturing, and solutions in comprehensive production; The scale for seed, irrigation and agricultural aviation was further expanded. Nearly 30 seed enterprises as leading role and nearly 20 enterprises working on irrigation and intelligent agricultural solution participated in the exhibition, showing the style of modern agriculture. The fields covered by the exhibition created an exchange and cooperation platform linking upstream and downstream and connecting the whole industrial chain of planting inputs at home and abroad, including pesticides, fertilizers, seeds,beyond-agricultural pesticides, production and packaging equipment, plant protection equipment, agricultural aviation, irrigation greenhouse, logistics, consultation, laboratory and supporting services. 

Covering the Entire Agrochemical Industry Chain

Innovation with Dual Platforms 

In order to promote more extensive trade and technology exchanges around the world, CAC realized the dual platforms of online and offline by innovating the display mode. CAC online platform consists of five sections,including pesticide and intermediate, fertilizer, agrochemical equipment and plant protection equipment, seed, agricultural aviation and irrigation. More than 13,000 products displayed have attracted 28,783 professionals from 113 countries and regions. It has been viewed 457,800 times, with 7,426 appointments, 7,096 chats and 4,492 product inquiries. Also, There are 121,543 likes on enterprise and product pages. The online reports and live conference activities presented during the exhibition has been browsed more than 16,000 times. CAC online platform has won unanimous applause from the audience and exhibitors at home and abroad. 

Concurrent Activities Combining The Wisdom of Global Experts, Building A Feast of Agrochemical Information

CAC Agrochemical Conference Week held currently with the exhibition was splendid. It combined the wisdom of global experts. Through more than 90 speeches, it focused on several major topics, including the changes in supply and demand of the global agrochemical industry, reshaping the market pattern and supply chain management; the "14th Five-Year Plan" of China's chemical industry, the development planning of agrochemical industry, and the management and development of China's agrochemical industry; status of China's agriculture, crop health and nutrition, upgrading of pesticide formulation industry, progress on the decrement and synergism, new ideas optimizing formula technology, and the new products from fertilizer synergistic technology; green production technology, application of microreaction technology in agrochemical industry, development of pesticide intermediates; biological pest control technology and industrial development of biopesticides; highly effective application of chemical fertilizers and product innovative technology development, global foliar nutritional development, new substances and technologies applied in foliar nutrition, sugar management and fruit color change, continuous cropping obstacles and soil improvement, and research and application of humic acid; global specialized CROs and CRAOs service and experience share, development of agrochemical markets in Brazil, Iran and the Black Sea region; and so on. It created a global agrochemical information feast for nearly 2,000 offline representatives and more than 20,000 online participants. 

CAC Awards Bringing Exhibition's Priority into Full Play and Set An Industry Benchmark

9th CAC Awards set up six awards including, "2020 TOP 20 Chinese Pesticide Exporters", "Excellent Fertilizer Exporters","CAC Fertilizer Enterprises With International Influential Brands", "2020 Overseas Market Expansion Awards", "2020 Promising Company Awards", and "CAC Recommended Suppliers 2021", with 109 enterprises applying for 182 awards. Finally, the list of winners of 117 awards in six major ones were grandly announced at CAC 2021. 

Through the selection, the enterprises have been commended for overseas market expansion ability and achievements, shown the intelligent manufacturing, product supply ability and excellent quality, promoted the brand culture, management ideas, products and achievements, further expanded their global influence, and gained the attention of more potential customers around the world. 

CAC has worked with perseverance for 22 years, devoting to serving industry as its original aspiration.It has effectively promoted the rapid growth and international development of China's agrochemical industry; CAC has worked hard to press ahead for 22 years, devoting to building a global platform in an all-round way, to effectively promote the display and exchange, trade and cooperation in the whole industrial chain of global agrochemical industry. At present, China's agrochemical industry is entering a new stage of high-quality development relying on scientific and technological innovation, and agriculture plays an important role in the new journey of achieving peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality globally. We will uphold the idea of "CAC-Where the Agrochemical World Meets". We need to find new opportunities in the crisis and make new progresses in the changing situation. We shall further enhance the position and role of China's agrochemical industry in the world, strengthen trade exchanges and production capacity cooperation between China and the world in agrochemical industry, play a more active leading role in promoting the green, healthy and sustainable development of agrochemical industry in China and the world, and continue to contribute new strength to the bumper harvest of grain in China and the world, the rapid advancement of China's agricultural modernization and the smooth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. 

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