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Rainbow Bolivia sponsors and participates inlocal agricultural exhibition

Mrach 17,2020: Since establishment in 2016, Rainbow Bolivia has been always holding various brand-building activities in accordance with local conditions, actively integrating with local cultural characteristics. On 6th March, 2020, it sponsored and participated in the important annual agricultural exhibition "DÍA DE CAMPO AGRÍCOLA Y DESARROLLO TECNOLÓGICO 2020 ".

The exhibition is hosted by CETABOL which is an important local agricultural foundation organization in Bolivia. Located in the OKINAWA CETABOL plantation area in the Japanese immigration village of Santa Cruz, which referred lots of professional fields, such as crop protection and planting, livestock-raising and lab analysis. More than 2,000 growers attended to visit and consult, local main media such as Santa Cruz Agricultural, Eco Rural and Agricultural Panorama also conducted on-site interviews and continuous rebroadcasts, respectively. Which has very strong demonstration effect and wide influence. .

in past two years, Rainbow Bolivia continued to be as the main sponsor of this exhibition in past two years due on its professionalism, to provide comprehensive and professional product promotion and crops protection solution for local agricultural growers. Besides, other multinational companies such as Corteva, Basf, Bayer also attended the exhibition.

As our technical manager Ing. Luis Alberto Acuña said in an interview with the media, "The biggest difference of this exhibition is that CETABOL provides professional venues to exhibitors , so the preliminary crop cultivation and application effects can be fully presented to visitors during the exhibition. The live interaction between exhibitors and visitors can strongly support the exhibitor's value proposition and actual request of growers; meanwhile, it can also provide growers with customized crop protection solutions, which enhances the value of the exhibition and strengthens the trust foundation of cooperation. General Manager Ing. Juan Lopez Videla emphasized, "This exhibition is an important technical exhibition in local market. As a rising star  with fast growing in Bolivia market, it’s great significance to build brand image and promote Rainbow values for us to participate such kinds of exhibition. Also an important opportunity for us to play on the same stage with other multinational companies. " 

The exhibition scale is larger than previous years, the participating growers highly rated Rainbow with good expected results achieved. Through on-site display of product effects and interaction, it strengthened the growers' recognition of Rainbow products and strengthened Rainbow Brand image in Bolivia market.

Rainbow Bolivia's team is committed to be a global leading crop protection company, always keeping in mind the mission of "All about growing", not only words, but more actions!

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