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Beijing Multigrass pesticides gain OMRI approval

Beijing Multigrass is a China-based biopesticide manufacturer. The company recently gained approval from the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for two products, Baicao No.1 (0.5% Matrine AS) and 480g/L Spinosad SC. This prestigious organic certification awarded to the company follows its ECOCERT and OFDC organic biopesticide certification.

Matrine, a botanical biopesticide, is a natural product that acts only on specific organisms. It decomposes in a natural environment, eventually decomposing into CO2 and water. Matrineis not a single substance but a combination of a multi-group with similar chemical results and different chemical structures, which complement each other and play a joint role. Due to the joint action of multiple chemicals, it is an active ingredient suitable for anti-resistance management.

Beijing Multigrass’s well-known matrine product, Baicao No.1, is an alkaloid manufactured through a continuous ultrasonic extraction process. Its special formulation enables it to be fast-acting. After numerous tests, it was found that the mortality of red spider/yellow spider, aphid and whitefly were all above 80% within 30 minutes, and above 90% some 24 hours after application.

Baicao No. 1 has a wide insecticidal spectrum and can kill sucking pests, such as red spider, two-spotted spider mite, tea yellow mite, aphid, whitefly, tea lesser leafhopper and pear psylla. It can also eradicate lepidoptera pests, such as cabbage caterpillar and loopworm. Matrine acts on pests through contact toxicity and stomach toxicity. The complex composition of matrine acts on a number of targeted sites on an insect’s body to destroy their resistance, leading to protein coagulation and poisoning. Not long after application, the pest becomes excited with accelerated respiration, and the special botanical substance blocks the insect’s stomata, destroying its respiratory system and suffocating It to death.

As a pure botanical pesticide, Baicao No.1 is safe to use on crops at recommended concentrations during various crop growth stages and will cause no phytotoxicity. Honey bees can be released for pollination some three hours after spraying(liquid drying) during the flowering stage. Unlike ordinary biopesticides, which are sensitive to temperature, Baicao No. 1 is stable under a wide range of temperatures, Increasing its miticidal and insecticidal efficacy.

With nearly 20years of experience and development, Beijing Multigrass is dedicated to the research and development of biological agri-inputs. Today, the company has been granted registration for various botanical products with different formulations in over 40 countries around the world, becoming a biopesticide supplier with international influence. The OMRI approval will support the company in its advancement in international markets. Meanwhile, Beijing Multigrass is also vigorously promoting its OFDC-assessed products in the Chinese market, such as matrine, rotenone, lentinan and other plant-derived products, which will support China’s organic farming and agricultural industrial upgrading.

OMRI is an international non-profit organization that decides which products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI-approved products can safely be used in the organic environment, to regulate and accelerate the process of organic products sold to consumers. Its certified products cover fertilizers, pest control and livestock healthcare products, as well as other inputs. Receiving an OMRI certification is an international recognition for manufacturers engaged in organic production.

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