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CAC GROUP will set up new production facility of pesticides based 2,4-D

CAC  Group, Chinese crop protection companies, plan to set up 30 thousand tons per year  prodcution capacity of pesticides based based 2,4-D  in its subsidiary Jiangxi Tianyu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Tianyu Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Yanhua Industrial City, Xingan County, Ji'an City, the beautiful hinterland of Jiangxi Province. It is the largest production base of 2,4D and 4E products in China. Its products are exported to the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. The company has won the title of national high-tech enterprise and provincial technology center, applied for 13 invention patents, of which 3 have been authorized, and 20 patent applications, of which 10 have been authorized, 2 advanced technologies were appraised at the provincial level. The new 2,4D clean production process was listed as a key scientific and technological research project by the state in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and the results of which have passed national inspection and acceptance. 4E on the other hand has been registered for new substances at the national level. The company adopts advanced international standards for internal quality control and has led the standard-setting process of 2,4D products in China. It has obtained the ISO9001/2015 quality system certification and has represented high-end products home and abroad. So far, its 2,4D products are the only odorless products in the world. The company has invested a total of RMB 200 million in the construction of safety facilities and environmental protection facilities, allowing it to achieve higher level of automation and safety in comparison with domestic counterparts. It also has the most complete waste treatment facilities and highest treatment standards among counterparts. The company has obtained ISO14001/2015 environmental system certification and Tier-2 safety standardization certification, and was recognized as “12th Five-Year” Safety Production Advanced Enterprise of Jiangxi Province.

Address: Yanhua Industrial City, Xingan County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province

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