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Lier Chemical's net profit will reach RMB 80~86 million in Q1 2020

Recently, Lier chemical released a revised announcement on the performance estimation for Q1 2020. 

It is estimated that the net profit attributed to the company (as the parent company) in Q1 will reach RMB 80~86 million, up by 0.73%~19.04% compared with the previous year, laying a good starting for annual growth.  

The company plans to invest RMB 1billion to establish the project of 20000 t/a Glufosinate-P production line in Mianyang,Sichuan Province. Its production scale of glufosinate-ammonium TC is the leading of agrochemical industry, which new processing and low cost will bring considerable more benefits for the company.

 Lier Chemical is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of efficient and safe technical materials of the pesticides, formulations and chemical intermediates. 

Its products include chloropyridines, amino acids, sulfonylureas and substituted ureas, covering more than 30 varieties of technical material products and over 100 varieties of formulations under three series of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

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