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3th China-Canada Crop Protection Seminar

CCPIT CHEM,, and Hanson have organized the 2nd crop protection seminar that will be held in Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel at612 Spadina Crescent, Saskatoon S7K3G9 on July 16 (from 1:00 to 6:00 PM), which offers an opportunity for Canadian agrochemical distributors to interact with Chinese pesticide manufacturers face to face, leading to the potential collaborations soon. The detailed agenda will be sent out before the end of June. We sincerely hope you can attend it.  We look forward to seeing you in Saskatoon during Ag In Motion (July 17-19, 2018,,
It is known that China is the largest powerhouse of producing the generic crop protection products in the globe. In the last two years, Chinese pesticide manufacturers have registered glufosinate ammonium technical, s-metolachlor technical, boscalid technical, and florasulam technical at PMRA. Meanwhile, applications of glyphosate technical, glufosinate ammonium formulations (150 SN, and 200 SN) and other key products have been submitted to PMRA. More and more quality crop protection products will be available to Canadian farmers shortly. 
Key contacts: 
Mr. Jalen Fan, Ltd.
Mr. Joe Dales from,; 
Hanson Industry Company 
Mr. Shuyou Han,;
Mr. Robin Han,, cell phone: 519-282-6078

Review of the 1st China-Canada Crop Protection Seminar

1.   Visit PMRA to discuss the pesticide registration, data compensation

2.   Visit local agriculture technology institute

3.    1st China-Canada Crop Protection Seminar

The 1st China-Canada Crop Protection Seminar was successfully held on August 21, 2017 in Niagara, in which there were some topics about the pesticides registration, agrochemical market, distribution system, crop cultivation, R&D of biopesticides in Canada and the pesticides management and import & export of China.

The attendees had a good chance to  know more detail agriculture and agrochemical information and  discuss how to access into Canada agrochemical market  in the  Seminar.

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