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CAC 2019

20th China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC2019) was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 5th-7th March, 2019, with 20th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Equipment Exhibition (CACE2019) and 10th China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW2019) concurrently held. The first CAC held in 1999 sparked the internationalization of China's agrochemical industry. Over the past 20 years, CAC has aggregated more than 13,000 exhibiting companies and 500,000 visitors, and  developed into a global important agrochemical industry exchange and cooperation platform. 

CAC 20th Anniversary Theme Activities opened a wonderful exhibition

This year is the 20th CAC. At a new start, CAC 20th Anniversary Theme Conference was grandly held. At this conference, 500 delegates representing government officials, experts from scientific research institutes, leaders of trade associations (organizations), representatives of outstanding enterprises and professional advisory bodies from the global agrochemical industry were invited to conduct in-depth analysis, interpretation and extensive exchanges on the current development situation, existing problems, opportunities and challenges faced, future development trends and other issues of the global agrochemical industry, so as to create a brand-new exchange platform and jointly plan the next future of the global agrochemical industry. 


During the Theme Conference held on 4th March, 2019, Ma Chunyan, Vice Chairman of CCPIT CHEM reviewed CAC's 20 years of development course, 7th CAC Awards were officially held and unveiled the 63 individual and company winners of CAC Lifetime Expert Award, CAC Founding Award, CAC Companion Award, CAC Outstanding Contribution Award, 2018 Top 20 Chinese Pesticide Exporters, 2018 Excellent Fertilizer Exporters and 2018 Overseas Market Expansion Award. 

CAC2019 Opening Banquet and 20th anniversary celebration were grandly hosted on the evening of 4th March. More than 700 government officials, leaders of business associations, senior experts, entrepreneurs, delegates of overseas pavilions, visitor and media representatives from 20 countries and regions gathered together to witness and celebrate the 20th anniversary of CAC.



CAC reached a new high, built the display and exchange platform for the whole industrial chain

Over the past 20 years, CAC has maintained rapid growth. In 2019, the scale of exhibition reached a new high, having expanded to 9 full halls exceeding 80,000 square meters. 1475 enterprises participated in the exhibition, with 166 overseas enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions. After 20 years of development, the number of exhibitors in 2019 is 20 times more than that of the first exhibition in 1999; the exhibiting space is 40 times as that of the first exhibition.


CAC has set up eight exhibition zones, including pesticide and intermediate, fertilizer, biopesticide and biocontrol technology, agrochemical and crop protection equipment, seed trade and treatment technology, agri-aviation, agricultural irrigation and international pavilion. In Pesticide Zone, 795 leading pesticide enterprises participated including 80% of the top 100 pesticide enterprises in China; In Fertilizer Zone, 472 enterprises exhibited latest products and technologies; In Agrochemical and Crop Protection Equipment Zone, 208 well-known enterprises showcased world cutting-edge technological concepts, advanced equipments, integrated production solutions, efficient agrochemical products applicators.

CAC's increasing international influence accelerated global trade exchanges and cooperation

Over 45,000 visitors from 114 countries and regions attended CAC2019, an increase of 20.06% over the previous year. Among which, overseas visitors exceeded 10,000 and reached a new record high. Overseas Purchaser Delegations organized by industry associations from Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Argentina, Portugal and other countries were invited to attend the exhibition.


Delegations led by Deputy Executive Director of Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority ,the Philippines, and Chairman of Chamber of the Argentine Industry of Fertilizers and Agrochemicals, were invited to participate in 20th CAC Exhibition, related theme activities, and attended China-Philippine Pesticide Management Meeting and China-Argentina Pesticide Industry Development Meeting. They exchanged with ICAMA delegation led by Deputy Director Yan Duanxiang regarding China's pesticide management system and experience as well as the environmental protection situation, reached positive consensus on strengthening management, technology and data exchange, establishing management cooperation mechanism, accelerating the use of China's high-quality products and new technologies in the Philippines and Argentina, and advocating more Philippine and Argentine enterprises to participate in CAC for further industry exchanges and cooperation.

With the increasing international influence of the exhibition, CAC Overseas Pavilion develops rapidly. 166 overseas enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions actively participated in CAC2019, including country pavilions from India and South Korea. CAC has become world important platform for agrochemical trade and exchange.


Concurrent conferences merged global wisdom and created information feast

China International Agrochemical Conference Week (CACW2019) was held on 4th-6th March during CAC2019. As the important activity of CAC2019, CACW invited over 100 famous experts from 15 countries to make presentations, and attracted1600 delegates from countries and regions including Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.. CACW2019 analyzed the trend of global agriculture, agrochemical industry and Chinese pesticide industry under the new policies in the new era, explained in detail how to better realize pesticides precise application, smart agriculture and build a new engine for enterprise transformation and upgrading in the big data era, and promoted the exchange on biocontrol technology and biopesticide development, Beyond-Agriculture market, seed treatment technology and seed trade, biostimulants international development, agrochemical compliance tests and selection of professional consulting service organizations etc.. It created a brand-new international and professional exchange platform for the global agrochemical industry.

Continuously improved exhibition services

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of CAC, the Organizing Committee carefully selected nearly a thousand of loyal visitors, and awarded them with CAC 20th anniversary VIP cards, to enjoy the VIP privilege of accessing exhibition without the need of registration, and onsite VIP lounge. 


The newly upgraded electronic catalogue system allows the exhibitor to fill in or modify company’s product information autonomously on mobile phone and computer, and forward to Wechat to invite appointments. Visitors can browse and search exhibitor and product information and bring more business leads with high efficiency.

Twenty years of achievements are closely attached to the cordial care, strong support and cooperation of industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs at home and abroad. Standing at the starting point of the 20th CAC, we will not forget our initial heart and the mission of promoting international trade, work hard to build a better industry exchange platform where the agrochemical world meets. Looking ahead, let's join hands to contribute to the sustainable development of world agriculture, to create our next bright future.

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